Sabtu, 15 Maret 2014

The Addictive Puzzle Game 'Threes' is now on Android

Threes!, the addictive puzzle game that launched on iOS in early February, is being released on Android, developer Sirvo confirmed to Polygon. Threes, which has been held the top spot in the Paid section of the App Store for three weeks, is now available on Android 4.0 and above for $1.99, the same as the original iOS version.

Threes! is a puzzle game where players slide tiles across the board to combine them into larger numbers. With the exception of numbers 1 and 2, each tile is a multiple of 3 and a combination of two matching numbers. The goal is to get your tiles to reach the biggest numbers for the best scores, all while keeping the four-by-four board from filling up.

The current high score for Threes! is 808,989 from user chu121su12, which Sirvo is "pretty sure" is legitimate.

If you want to see how it's really done, this great video shows a high-scoring game of Threes:

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  2. Free version of threes is also available in play store - Threes classic free