Rabu, 23 Juli 2014

Facebook Introduces 'Save' Feature for Android, iOS and Web Browsers

Facebook has introduced a new button called ‘Facebook Save’ that allows users to save items that can be read later. The feature is similar to bookmarks and allows users to save links, music, places and more for later.

You can save a variety of items like links, places, movies, television shows as well as music. All the saved items will remain private unless you select the Share option.

You can access the the saved links and posts in the tabs section on Android and iOS devices, as well as accessible through your web browser. All the content is organized by category and can be shared easily by simply swiping it to the right or moving them to the archive list.

The feature will roll out to Android, iOS and web browsers over next few days.

Sabtu, 28 Juni 2014

Google rolls out Android 4.4.4 KitKat OTA update for Nexus devices

Google has started rolling out Android 4.4.4 KitKat update for all the Nexus devices, including Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. The new updated is for security fix, so there are you won’t see any changes in the UI.

Rabu, 11 Juni 2014

Sega will Release Sonic Jump Fever on Android this Summer

Sega has announced that Sonic Jump Fever will be landing to Android and IOS this summer as a free-to-play game. The Sonic Jump Fever is based on the original Sonic Jump which was released on smartphones in 2012.

In the new release, players compete for high scores in vertical jumping challenges while playing as Sonic, Knuckles, and other characters from the Sonic universe. You will need to avoid obstacles, bounce off of platforms and collect rings to achieve the highest score possible.

Senin, 02 Juni 2014

Epic Releases a Flappy Bird Clone named Tappy Chicken on Android

The Unreal Tournament and Infinity Blade developer, Epic Game has released a Flappy Bird clone named Tappy Chicken for Android. Like Flappy Bird, you simply tap on a touchscreen display to keep your character airborne and dodge obstacles.

Rabu, 07 Mei 2014

Award Winning Puzzle Game, The Room Two, Now Available on Android

After first released on iOS last year, The Room Two is now available on Android. The Room Two is a puzzle game developed by British-based Fireproof Games Studios as a sequel to The Room.

Just like The Room, The Room Two is a macabre puzzle game. Each level of the game consists of a single eerie room. In the middle of the room, there is a mysterious locked box for you to open. Well, this might sound rather easy to some, but it's quite the opposite – these boxes are a hard nut to crack. You'll have to solve various puzzles, riddles, and search each room for different clues on how to unlock its mysterious box. Just as you might've guessed, the difficulty of these brain-teasers will increase along with your progress – from light-hearted puzzles in the beginning to almost impossible-to-solve enigmas later on.

Rabu, 23 April 2014

Google Wants 'Powered by Android' Logo on All New Android Phones

Google wants everyone to remember that its Android operating system is what fuels the majority of smartphones on the market. The Android phone makers are required to display ‘powered by Android’ logo on their splash screen, as reported by The Geek.

Selasa, 15 April 2014

Ubisoft's Rabbids Big Bang is Now Available on Android

The French game developer, Ubisoft, has just announced the release of the physics-based game Rabbids Big Bang for Android platforms ($1.26).

Rabbids Big Bang is a fascinating and funny physical arcade game on mobile devices that lets you pilot a Rabbid in space with the tip of your finger.

Sabtu, 15 Maret 2014

The Addictive Puzzle Game 'Threes' is now on Android

Threes!, the addictive puzzle game that launched on iOS in early February, is being released on Android, developer Sirvo confirmed to Polygon. Threes, which has been held the top spot in the Paid section of the App Store for three weeks, is now available on Android 4.0 and above for $1.99, the same as the original iOS version.

Rabu, 05 Maret 2014

7 Reasons Why You Should Pick an Android Phone Over Other OS Smartphones

Android OS is one of the fastest-growing mobile operating system in the world today. It is so popular nowadays that everybody is moving to this OS rather than any other smartphone OS. So what makes

Android so popular and why you should prefer Android over any other mobile OS. Here 7 reason why you should pick an Android phone over other OS smartphones.

Selasa, 21 Januari 2014

5 Common Myths about Android

Internet has become a powerful medium for spreading word, including fake news, gossip, or myth. Once spread on the internet, you can’t stop it even if it’s an outright lie.

This also for the mobile operating system, there are many misconceptions associated with Android and the myth continues to grow. Here are five common myths about Android:

Jumat, 17 Januari 2014

10 Interesting Facts About Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most widely used maps application in the world. No wonder when Apple replaces Google Maps with Apple Maps on their phone, many iPhone owners feel disappointed. So, what makes Google Maps becomes so popular? Here are ten interesting facts about Google Maps.