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7 Reasons Why You Should Pick an Android Phone Over Other OS Smartphones

Android OS is one of the fastest-growing mobile operating system in the world today. It is so popular nowadays that everybody is moving to this OS rather than any other smartphone OS. So what makes

Android so popular and why you should prefer Android over any other mobile OS. Here 7 reason why you should pick an Android phone over other OS smartphones.

1. Open Source
Android is an open source platform that allows many parties to create applications on Android based platform to be freely modified and distributed without worrying about the license issues that may be jammed them in the future.

2. More Customization
With an open source license, Android is not just gives developers a freedom to make an application, but Android End-User (Consumer) are also given freedom to customize the program in the SmartPhone Android OS for a particular purpose without violating any proprietary system.

3. A wide range of apps
Android provides a wide variety of applications such as games, anti-virus, widgets, tools, social networking apps, and many more. Besides that, Android applications can be downloaded for free and some are paid but still at an affordable price.

4. Better Security
Android os is much secure.Viruses are not a big problem for android. A lot of free security apps are available for your devices.

5. Multitasking
Android has multitasking capability which can run a variety of different applications at the same time. You can write email while listening to MP3 music in the background and wait for a reply chat from your Facebook friends.

6. Integrated with Google products
The easy access to Google products may a reason why people choosing Android OS based smartphone, because Google apps can be operated as good as when running on the operating system.

7. Affordable prices
Android devices are quite diverse and relatively cheap when compared to its competitors. Moreover, Android has been produced by a wide range of big manufactures. Android device also comes with more designs and features than any other operating system. With relatively the same price, you can get a better gadget specs than other operating systems.

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